Picture of Ifeanyi Omeata

Ifeanyi Omeata

Software Engineer

Hi! I am Ifeanyi, a skilled Software Engineer and Full-Stack Developer based here in the beautiful province of Alberta, Canada. With a track record of over 6 years in the field, I excel in creating resilient, scalable, and user-centric web, mobile and data-driven applications that tackle real-world challenges head-on.

My development stack is teeming with cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. I'm not just proficient but deeply passionate about JavaScript, TypeScript, React Native, React, Vue, Node, Next.js, python and Django. I take pride in my ability to craft visually stunning UI/UX designs and templates with Figma and Tailwind CSS.

On the backend, I harness the power of Node.js, Next.js, Python, and Django as my trusted companions for constructing high-performance applications. My expertise extends to managing databases, including MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. When it comes to deployment and infrastructure, I excel in orchestrating seamless CI/CD pipelines with tools like Github Actions, Travis CI, and Jenkins . Additionally, I have a great background in cloud platforms like Azure and AWS, with a keen focus on Security.

My academic journey led me to the University of Greenwich in London, UK, where I achieved a masters degree in Computer Network Security. This academic foundation equips me with a profound understanding of security challenges in the digital landscape, making me a valuable asset within any Team in ensuring the integrity of projects. I also have knowledge and experience of Scrum Agile Methodologies and have worked within sprint cycles to produce deliverables in time.

Beyond coding, I am a passionate football enthusiast and a devoted reader and researcher. Viewing the world through the lens of sports and research sharpens my creativity and problem-solving skills, enriching my approach to development.

If you are searching for a dedicated developer who can transform your vision into reality and build solutions that not only function flawlessly but also captivate clients, you have found the perfect match.

Lets join forces and breathe life into your projects!